How can I participate?

    At Health Consumers NSW we aim to amplify your voice. You can do that in a number of different ways through Amplify... 

    Some projects will take place online through surveys, stories and other opportunities to share your lived experience. Other projects may involve face-to-face meetings, workshops and events. *At present, during COVID-19, all our projects are online and/or using Zoom web meetings and events.

    By registering for Amplify, you will be able to participate online and register to attend face-to-face/zoom workshops as they come up. 

    Make your voice heard. Register now.

    What happens to my contributions?

    All comments, ideas, stories and suggestions are reviewed by the Amplify team (at Health Consumers NSW - HCNSW) and contribute towards the project(s) you are participating in. Some of these contributions are published within the project as stated, while others like survey results are collated in de-identified form for publication on Amplify and through our other HCNSW channels (newsletter, social media and reports). 

    While all feedback provided by you through Amplify is valued and will be considered, this does not mean that every suggestion or issue can be acted upon or advocated for.

    Often the views and experiences shared here help to form HCNSW policy or advice to NSW Ministry of Health and other agencies or Local Health Districts. As much as possibly we endeavour to feedback those outcomes back to you through Amplify.

    IMPORTANT: Please note that if you have specific feedback about a service or provider (either good or bad) we recommend you contact the service involved and/or submit your feedback to

    What is this site about?

    This is the online engagement site for Health Consumers NSW. Here, we are listening to - and working with – you: health consumers, community members, health and community staff, patient advocates, carers and families. To find out more about how you can participate visit Get involved with Amplify