What is a Learning Network?

    Opportunity to meet with and learn from peers, share ideas, problem-solve and discuss lessons learned.

    Who runs the Learning Network?

    Health Consumers NSW is overseeing the Network however is envisaged that, over time, the Network will be self governing and self sufficient.

    Who can be a member of the Network?

    Membership is open to anyone appointed as a consumer representative or staff members working in consumer and community engagement for health services in NSW

    What is the time commitment?

    As a member of a Learning Network, we hope you will visit and interact in the Amplify Closed Groups regularly. If you plan on attending virtual workshops, the time commitment is estimated to be approx. 2 hours every 2 months.

    What are the benefits of joining the Network?

    • Meet and build relationships with peers 
    • Access and share resources
    • Attend virtual meetings 
    • Invitation to attend an annual social event in person.