Pricing of Telehealth Consultations Should Be Transparent

by Ardsleym,

I was under the impression that the Telehealth consultations were to be gratis.

I had my first consultation with a specialist from St Vincent's Clinic on 22/4. I found that I could communicate my problem easily and he listened well. I was very satisfied with the consultation. Later I asked the specialist for another consultation because I needed help in interpreting the results of my brain MRI and the Mayo Clinic article on some of what was covered in the report frightened me. I was also pleased with that second consultation on 27 May.

On 13 July I had an appointment with another specialist in the same clinic. When I was checking in, the receptionist said I owed some money for the first specialist—$600.00. That was a big surprise. I had not been told about it and had not received any invoices.

This unprofessional way of communicating (i.e., NOT communicating) with a patient needs to be cleared up, so the patient knows what to expect regarding the cost of a consultation.

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