Saved me sitting in a hospital for 8 hours

by Michelle ,

If we had not have had tele health, when after 18 months finally getting an appointment in the pain management clinic to see if i qualified for it, i would have had to go and sit in a hospital with revolving appointments for a day. In the letter they said felm 9am-5pm. This would have provided issues not just due to my disability but would also have meant I would not have been able to meet my parental commitments to my young children.

Because of telehealth I was able to schedule the first appointment to start minutes after school drop off and was able to have my last appointment just after school pick up. It meant I was still able to meet my commitments to my family while also allowing me to use heat packs, move around etc as much as is needed during the day to be comfortable instead of stuck sitting in hospital corridors.

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