How can I participate?

    At Health Consumers NSW we aim to amplify your voice. You can do that in a number of different ways through Amplify... 

    Some projects will take place online through surveys, stories and other opportunities to share your lived experience. Other projects may involve face-to-face meetings, workshops and events. *At present, during COVID-19, all our projects are online and/or using Zoom web meetings and events.

    By registering for Amplify, you will be able to participate online and register to attend face-to-face/zoom workshops as they come up. 

    Make your voice heard. Register now.

    How will my privacy be protected?

    The Amplify platform and registration process is secure and protects your privacy. We will protect your details and only use your personal information for data validation purposes and to understand the diversity of contributions. Further information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

    For any online comments, forums, ideas and stories you choose to contribute to, your screen Username will be publicly visible, but all other information will remain private. Please make sure to choose a Username that you are comfortable being publicly visible.

    What is this site about?

    This is the online engagement site for Health Consumers NSW. Here, we are listening to - and working with – you: health consumers, community members, health and community staff, patient advocates, carers and families. To find out more about how you can participate visit Get involved with Amplify